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What is ARX Training? It is adult group fitness training carefully d  esigned to get you into great shape so you can take on the world! Every day brings a new challenge for you to conquer. No two workouts are the same. So if you’re looking to decrease body fat, boost lean muscle mass, build greater functional strength or enhance sports performance you’ve come to the right place. At ARX Training—the adult training division of Athletic Republic Norwood—we’re all about helping you reach your fitness potential in a supportive environment. You won’t find drill sergeants here -- just caring, knowledgeable and enthusiastic fitness professionals looking to help you succeed.

Our experienced coaches will create daily workouts designed to help you achieve your personal performance goals—whether that means riding a Century, climbing a high peak, winning bragging rights among your beer-league hockey teammates, even showing your teenager you’ve still got game. And if your goals have more to do with your reflection in the mirror than your time on a stopwatch, we can help with that too. Thanks to thoughtful programming, insightful coaching, and your own determination, you’ll achieve your goals in a body you’ll be proud of.

Annual Memberships

Unlimited Classes - $99 /month
Twice Weekly - $50 /month

ARX Training Schedule
Summer 2014

Mon: 5:30am / 7:30am / 12pm / 6:30pm
Tues: 5:30am / 7:30am / 12pm / 6:30pm
Weds: 5:30am / 7:30am / 12pm / 6:30pm
Thurs: 5:30am / 7:30am / 12pm / 6:30pm
Friday: 5:30am / 9:30am / 12pm / 6pm
Saturday: 8:30am

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What's That You're Wearing?

You've probably seen a professional athlete or a friend covered in crazy colored tape and thought to yourself what the heck is that stuff? Does it actually work? Well, the answer is kinesiology (or kinesio) tape. And yes, it does work.

Summertime Fitness and Nutrition Tips

Salad can be a bore. Most of us put the same ingredients and dressing on every salad we make or order in a restaurant. The result is that we ditch the salad and go back to eating fries and pizza. Take pride in your salad and make it the focal point of your meal! Here are 4 tips to keep your salads delicious and fresh.

Lindsey Potter Joins the   ARX Training Staff

ARX's newest trainer, Lindsey Potter, is a fitness fanatic. OK, perhaps fanatic isn't quite the right term. Let's call her a serious sports and fitness enthusiast. 

Exercise of the Month: Pulling Exercises Develop a Sexy Back and Confident Posture

If you spend long hours in front of a computer, a television or behind the wheel of an auto you are well acquainted with the rounded-shoulder posture typical of these activities. Pulling exercises can help strengthen the upper back, and when combined with gentle stretches of the pec (chest) muscles, can go a long way toward improving posture.

The Importance of Foam Rolling

You know that long, round piece of foam you've seen in the corner of gym? That torture device you've seen people roll on while contorting into all kinds of terrible-looking faces of pain and agony? Well, I'm here to tell you that the foam roller is your friend, not your enemy.  Such a simple piece of equipment can both help you loosen up before a workout and boost recovery after a training session. In fact, proper warm up and cool down with a foam roller can significantly enhance the benefits of your exercise routine by decreasing your risk for injury and minimizing the soreness that often follows a hard workout. 

Meet Scott Sparks: An Adventurous Spirit

On the cusp of 30 and newly single, ARXer Scott Sparks is hitting the gym hard. "Summer's coming. Working on my beach body," he says with a sly grin. With fair skin and strawberry blonde hair it's a good bet that Scott doesn't spend all that much time at the beach. Still, staying in shape is vital to both his personal and professional interests.