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What is ARX Training? It is adult group fitness training carefully d  esigned to get you into great shape so you can take on the world! Every day brings a new challenge for you to conquer. No two workouts are the same. So if you’re looking to decrease body fat, boost lean muscle mass, build greater functional strength or enhance sports performance you’ve come to the right place. At ARX Training—the adult training division of Athletic Republic Norwood—we’re all about helping you reach your fitness potential in a supportive environment. You won’t find drill sergeants here -- just caring, knowledgeable and enthusiastic fitness professionals looking to help you succeed.

Our experienced coaches will create daily workouts designed to help you achieve your personal performance goals—whether that means riding a Century, climbing a high peak, winning bragging rights among your beer-league hockey teammates, even showing your teenager you’ve still got game. And if your goals have more to do with your reflection in the mirror than your time on a stopwatch, we can help with that too. Thanks to thoughtful programming, insightful coaching, and your own determination, you’ll achieve your goals in a body you’ll be proud of.

Annual Memberships

Unlimited Classes - $99 /month
Twice Weekly - $50 /month

ARX Training Schedule
As of February 1, 2014

Mon: 5:30am / 9:30am / 12pm / 6:30pm
Tues: 5:30am / 9:30am / 12pm / 6:30pm
Weds: 5:30am / 9:30am / 12pm / 6:30pm
Thurs: 5:30am / 9:30am / 12pm / 6:30pm
Friday: 5:30am / 9:30am / 12pm / 6pm
Saturday: 8:30am

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Latest Blog Posts

Meet Terese - More Than Meets the Eye

If you see Terese Kwiatkowski in class you might think she's simply a gentle, soft-spoken, hardworking woman looking to stay fit. While certainly she is those things, she's also a powerhouse business exec who has made a name for herself in a heavily male-dominated field. Add to that the fact that she's a former high school and Div 3 college standout in three sports and it becomes clear that first impressions don't tell the whole story.

Sculpt Your Body with the BOSU® Balance Trainer

Want an excellent full-body workout? The BOSU® Balance Trainer (BOSU) can deliver. Introduced in 2000, BOSU stands for "Both Sides Utilized" - meaning that the BOSU can be used on either side, the rubber dome or the hard plastic platform.

The Most Important Meal of the Day

Breakfast. The one meal many of us don't have time to eat, or if we do have time, we're eating the wrong type of breakfast. Why is breakfast so important? It's in the name: break fast... as in break the fast you've been engaging in while sleeping the night away.

Transform Your Body with Box Pushes

Want to incinerate fat? Look no further than the box pushes, which offer tremendous bang for your exercise buck. They simultaneously develop power and burn body fat while improving muscle balance, posture and strength. In other words, they are a great exercise to crank up the intensity in your training as they work calves, quads, hamstrings, glutes, chest, triceps, low back and core.

Meet Tara Mounsey: Mom, Nurse, Olympian

Fifty minutes into a grueling ARX session, participants are dripping with sweat, breathing heavily and eagerly counting the seconds until the clock ticks down to the group stretch.

Sweet relief is just a moment away. But before the stretch can begin a familiar voice calls out, "Let's do some abs!" The class groans but dutifully follows along. ARXers, after all, are used to Tara Mounsey pushing them to dig deep and finish the day's workout with maximum effort.

How Did I Get Tennis Elbow Without Playing Tennis?!!

This is a common question that many people ask themselves after a doctor or friend has told them their pain is likely from "tennis elbow." The real name for this injury is called lateral epicondylitis. (Now you understand why everyone calls it tennis elbow!) Simply stated, it refers to pain on the outer elbow due to inflammation of the tendon that extends the wrist.