We Are Passionate About Your Fitness

We believe the body works best when trained holistically. You won’t find leg days or upper body days at AR-FIT. Instead, every workout features compound, full-body, multi-joint exercises to build strength and stamina, and interval schemes designed to promote positive body composition changes. Of course, we want to keep our clients challenged and motivated, which is why every day at AR-FIT is different.

Even more important than the training regimen we deliver is our focus on proper technique. Certainly we want our clients to push themselves to excel. But we don’t want them to sustain injuries. That’s why we encourage our members to go at their own pace and only complete as much of the day’s workout as they can using perfect form. And if a prescribed exercise is problematic, we’ll offer customized alternatives to keep members on track. (We also can provide an entire individualized program if a member is temporarily unable to participate in the group workout due to recent surgery or serious illness.) We would rather our clients finish half of the day’s assignment perfectly, than the entire workout with sloppy, incorrect or risky form.