Coming Soon...AR Adventures!

As people get older, I believe it can become increasingly difficult (for some) to workout in a gym. Why? I don’t believe that it’s lack of ability or desire, but lack of motivation. I see it every year with New Year’s resolutions; People want to go to the gym and lose weight, but more often than not, their goals and objectives are quickly abandoned. For many of us, when we were in high school and college, we were motivated to train because we were athletes. Dreams of being elite athletes got many of us in a strict routine of working out and going to the gym. Sports gave us something exciting to strive for.

When I entered college I knew that I wasn’t going to play sports at a higher level so my desire to train was diminished. I kept trying to find ways to stay healthy and fit; then I found Adventure. I fell in love with rock climbing, mountain biking and hiking because they were highly active, new and interesting; and if I wanted them to be, competitive. I could commit myself to adventure sports without actually being committed to anything. I found total freedom in it, and I was motivated to train again, but above all, it was just fun. Outdoor activity can give you just as much of a workout as the gym can if you let it. Going out and finding rocks to climb and finding trails to take my bike on didn’t feel like a chore at all.

You might be wondering “what are the benefits other than fun and excitement?”- as if you needed other reasons. Being in the woods, anything can happen at any time and you must to be able to react. The slope on a trail could change, the weather remains constantly unpredictable, and any other situations that mother nature decides to throw at you unexpectedly. Adventures challenge your balance, strength and endurance all while keeping your mind sharp. No two experiences are alike and there is something amazing that happens to our brains when we are out in nature. A study, performed at Stanford University, suggest that simply walking in a natural green environment improves one’s mood and attitude almost instantly. Check out the link below to see the full New York Times article.



With all this said, I am excited to announce we will be offering AR Adventure classes in the spring! If you’re interested in challenging your mind and body simultaneously, then AR Adventure is for you. For more information please email me at:

-Harrison Elias

This Spaghetti Saved My Marriage

In these days of Paleo, Low Carb, No Carb, just a little bit of carb world we live am I supposed to keep my Italian husband happy??? I've already failed at making his mom's favorite "gravy" which to most of us Non-Italians is pasta sauce. I guess I thought everyone grew up on Prego, but boy was I wrong! So, what's a girl to do when she doesn't want ALL those heavy carbs from a pasta dish but still wants to keep her man happy?

Cook up some spaghetti...squash that is.

With only 42 calories, 10 grams of carbs and no fat in just one cup of spaghetti squash, this vegetable is safe for any diet AND may just save my marriage. Spaghetti squash contains a fair amount of fiber, which is great for keeping us fuller longer, as well as the mineral manganese. Manganese has been shown to play a role in the regulation of blood sugar, absorption of calcium and the functioning of the nervous system. All sounds pretty good right, but how's it taste?

Well, I am happy to report that the Spaghetti Squash passed my Italian husbands test. I looked up a recipe from and found this AMAZING casserole. The biggest challenge was cutting the squash and keeping all my fingers intact. After a few close calls, I realized by tossing it in the microwave for about four minutes first, it made it so much easier to cut.

Give this recipe a try and let us know what you think!


Dealing with Calf Strains

It seems that nearly everyone has complained of a pulled/strained/torn muscle at some point. A common place to pull a muscle is the calf, which is clinically known as the gastrocnemius muscle. This article will discuss the proper management of a strain to ensure proper healing so that you can quickly and safely get back to your prior levels of function and workout routine.

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