Strengthening ARX

By Stephanie Van Ness, CSCS

With November comes change at ARX. New staff, new workouts and renewed vitality - all in an effort to deliver the best training experience possible for our members. Here's what's happening...

Staff Changes

Dave Monahan will no longer teach ARX classes on a regular basis. Instead he's focusing on personal training, as well as specialized, small-group training. "I have enjoyed running the ARX program with Stephanie the last two-plus years and will still be part of the program," he said. "This is an exciting time for Athletic Republic and ARX. We are growing and evolving into a facility that can accommodate your comprehensive fitness/athletic needs. I look forward to introducing new classes that focus on endurance and recreational sports athletes, one-on-one boxing training, Olympic lifting, and weight loss." More details to come. (You can reach Dave at

Also in November, Mike Duran will transition from ARX to AR, working primarily with our school-aged athletes. You'll still see him in the gym, and he may sub an ARX class here and there, but he won't be on the regular ARX training schedule.

So who is on the regular schedule? You'll still see Lindsey in the early mornings, Jason mid-day and me (Steph) in the evenings, some mid-days and on Saturday. We will be joined by a new face, as well.

Welcome Michelle

In an effort to expand and strengthen ARX, we have hired Michelle Lounsbury to lead the charge. She will be responsible for not only running classes, but also for designing the workouts (formerly Dave's domain), handling the schedule and generating new business. (I will remain in charge of Facebook and our website.) It is vital that ARX grow so that we may continue to provide an exceptional training product for our members.

And Michelle is definitely the right person for the job. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology from the University of Maine in Orono, as well as a Master of Education from Springfield College, with a concentrating on Strength and Conditioning. Michelle is a certified Performance Enhancement Specialist through NASM.

She brings to ARX a breadth of experience. After graduate school she worked for Mike Boyle for several years training professional athletes from the NHL, AHL, NFL, and NLL, as well as college, high school and youth athletes. After leaving Boyle, she worked for five years as Group Exercise Manager at the Boston Athletic Club, where she taught classes and excelled as a personal trainer. Following relocation to Maine, Michelle worked for two years as the strength and conditioning coach at Fryeburg Academy, a private high school.

The move north took her away from family and friends, who eventually convinced her to return to the Commonwealth with her husband and two-year-old daughter. At ARX, we're thrilled she returned!

New Workouts

With the addition of Michelle to the staff, expect to see some programming changes - new workouts based on her experience and expertise. These workouts will also take into account feedback from our members regarding likes and dislikes - so while we're not eliminating burpees or sled pushes (nice try, members!) we will be incorporating more total-body circuits and new exercises over the coming weeks.

We are working diligently to keep ARX fresh and your experience with us positive. If you have any suggestions catch up with Michelle or I after class. Constructive feedback - or perhaps a compliment or two, hint, hint - is always appreciated!!!!