Welcome Danielle

By Stephanie Van Ness, CSCS

Recent Curry College grad Danielle Cassidy is pulling double duty at Athletic Republic these days, working the front desk as well as covering some training shifts in the gym. A health major with a concentration in athletics and a minor in biology, Danielle is a certified personal trainer and multi-sport athlete. At Curry she played soccer, and while at Stoughton High School she was a tri-athlete.

To prepare for a career as a trainer, Danielle interned at a few different high schools during her college career, working mostly with football and soccer players. During breaks she worked at sports camps specializing in conditioning, form and technique. She also worked with youth aged 5-12 at Kidsports in Stoughton, helping young athletes develop proper conditioning habits and techniques to serve as the foundation of future athletic and fitness endeavors. Danielle is currently studying for her CSCS certification, widely regarded as the gold standard in the field of strength and conditioning.

Upon receiving her bachelor's, she interned at AR during the summer of 2014, and officially joined the staff in September. Though she works primarily with AR's school-aged athletes, she's often at the front desk to check in ARX members in the evenings so please introduce yourself and give her a big ARX welcome!