Introducing "Lean in '15"

By Michelle Lounsbury, PES and  Stephanie Van Ness, CSCS

ARX is holding a fun weight loss challenge to help keep you motivated in 2015. The "Lean in '15" challenge will run for eight-weeks, from January 5 through March 1. Cost for members is just $25. Non-members are also welcome to participate.*

*We are offering a special 3-month membership for those who wish to participate but have never been an ARX member/Grouponer in the past. The cost is $349 and includes unlimited ARX classes for three months (Jan/Feb/March), as well as all the facets of the weight loss challenge, which are described below.

Here's how it works:

Lean in '15 participants will focus their ARX workouts, as well as any workouts they complete on their own, on weight/fat loss. In addition, they will complete various challenges to earn points, detailed below. For the duration of the program participants will have access to a private Facebook page where they can ask weight/fat-loss related questions, share recipes, compare notes with fellow participants, and discuss issues relevant to the challenge. The special FB page will be moderated by Michelle, who has a strong background in nutrition. (Stephanie will still moderate the general ARX FB page where the daily workouts, schedule updates, ARX news and motivational photos will continue to be posted.) 

The Lean in '15 challenge will name two winners come March 1. The grand-prize winner -- the participant who loses the highest percentage of body weight - will receive three free months of ARX. The runner-up -- the participant who earns the most points - will be awarded one free month of ARX.)

Participants earn points every day in the following ways:

  1. Earn one point per day for drinking at least 2.5 liters of water
  2. Earn one point per day for consuming no alcohol
  3. Earn one point per day for taking an ARX class
  4. Earn one point per day for working out on your own for 60 minutes
  5. Earn one point per day for preparing every meal at home (this means no eating out at all)
  6. Earn one point per day for consuming no sugar or artificial sweeteners (note: natural sweeteners like agave, honey or Stevia are allowed)
  7. Earn one point per day for eating protein at every meal
  8. Earn one point per day for getting 8 hours of sleep

If you are not earning points, you are losing them. Subtract one point each day for each of the eight requirements you do not follow.

Points are awarded on the honor system and you are responsible for logging your daily points on the board, which will be hung in the gym. (You may use a pseudonym if you do not want to publicly identify yourself. Only you and Michelle will know your nickname.) Special challenges - which enable participants to earn extra bonus points - will also be sent out weekly via the private FB page. Participants have one week to complete these challenges.

In order to participate you must sign up in December with Michelle or Stephanie, pay the $25 enrollment fee and arrive a few minutes early to ARX class during the week of January 5 to be weighed in. (You will be weighed periodically, including at the end of the program.) While you are not required to take "before and after" pictures, doing so is highly recommended as a way for you - privately - to visualize your progress. (You take these photos on your own and keep them for yourself, unless you want us to publicize your success on our FB page or in our newsletter.)

This contest is meant to be fun while helping participants stay motivated and accountable with nutrition and exercise in 2015! If you have specific questions or want to sign up, catch up with Michelle or Steph.