The Power of Spinach


By Dave Monahan, CSCS

If it is good for Popeye then it is good for all of you ARXers out there. In fact, you can't get a much better power food than spinach. The vitamins and minerals alone are worth the intake of this fuel. How great is spinach? I recently spoke to Popeye via FaceTime and asked him why he believes in the green leafy food. "I love it for its vitamin K, which helps keep my bones healthy and decrease inflammation," he said. "I also love the carotenoids, which help me fight heart disease, and the vitamins B6 and C, which help keep me from being cranky." And the magnesium in spinach makes it a potent fighter against coronary artery disease and diabetes.

That Popeye is one smart sailor. (All we have to do now is convince him to stop smoking his pipe!) What I love about spinach is how easily it can be incorporated into any meal. For instance, spinach can be added to a morning smoothie or omelet, highlighted in a lunch salad, or served as a tasty side dish with at dinner.  

For the highest quality spinach, look for it at your local farmers market this spring or grow it in your home garden. Store wrapped in a paper towel, placed in a plastic zip lock bag, and nestled in your refrigerator crisper.

For a power smoothie, blend spinach with frozen strawberries, raspberries and blueberries, and some almond butter. Delicious!