Sculpt Your Body with the BOSU® Balance Trainer

By Derek Grant

Want an excellent full-body workout? The BOSU® Balance Trainer (BOSU) can deliver. Introduced in 2000, BOSU stands for "Both Sides Utilized" - meaning that the BOSU can be used on either side, the rubber dome or the hard plastic platform.

It is that two-sided design - one side stable, one side not - that enables the BOSU to provide such a challenging and effective workout experience. For example, using the dome side for exercises such as squats or push-ups requires you to actively engage your core to remain balanced. Both upper and lower body can be worked using a BOSU, and core is targeted in every exercise.

With more than 50 exercises possible on the BOSU, you'll never get bored. And by adding dumbbells, you can manipulate the intensity of your workouts so you'll continue to see improvements as you increase strength. That's why BOSU exercises show up frequently in the ARX workouts. Sometimes we include exercises that focus on balance, while other times the focus is endurance or strength. Among the exercises possible on the BOSU are:


  • Spiderman push-ups - Targets chest and abs
  • Squats- Targets legs, hips and core stabilizer muscles 
  • Sit-ups - Mainly targets abdominal muscles

Balance and Coordination:

  • Single-leg ball slams. Works balance throughout ankle, hip, and knee, as well as upper body
  • Side lunge kick-ups - Targets legs and core while working lower body stability 

Endurance and Agility:

  • Toe taps: Works foot speed and conditioning  
  • Lateral jump squats: Increases lower-body explosive power and improves conditioning levels  
  • Burpees: Total body blast

These are just a few of countless exercises that can be done with a BOSU. Don't be surprised when a few new BOSU exercises show up in the ARX daily challenge!