Summertime Fitness and Nutrition Tips

By Dave Monahan, CSCS

Summertime is upon us. That means BBQ's, graduation parties, 4th of July, and sweaty, hardcore workouts at ARX!!! We all are busy in the summer, and our nutrition can slip very easily. To combat the extra beers, wine, burgers, margaritas and ice cream while continuing to focus on your fitness goals here are a few suggestions:


  • Train at ARX!!
  • Sign up for road races:  There is usually a good party afterward.  Check out the ARX board for suggestions.
  • Work out outdoors: This time of year goes by too fast. Take advantage of the fresh air and get outdoors and go for a hike, bike ride, or run - in addition to your ARX workout.
  • Go to the beach and swim. Swimming in the ocean is one of the hardest workouts you can do. A good 10 minutes every hour can make a difference.

Prepare for success

  • Get a good workout in before you go to the party. Rev up the metabolism and use the party to fuel your body for the next workout.
  • Go into a party with a plan. Don't just eat everything in sight. Do not fill your plate. Bring something to share that is healthy to make sure there is at least one wise choice at the party.

Execute your food plan

  • Skip the bun. When having a burger, replace the bun with a grilled portabella mushroom. Cook it with the burger on high heat. (It takes the same amount of time to cook.)
  • Swap red meat for white by choosing turkey over beef. If you must have red meat, go for grass fed beef.
  • Enjoy a salad with every meal. If you use dressing, put it on the side and dip your fork into the dressing before you put it into the salad. This will help cut down on almost half the dressing you would have used.
  • Try roasted carrots instead of French fries. Choose roasted kale over potato chips.
  • Limit dessert to once a week, and when headed to your local ice cream parlor order a small.

Enjoy an ARX-approved cocktail

  • To make a healthier Mojito, muddle limes, lemons, mint, and raw honey. Add ice, vodka, and seltzer.
  • If you love beer, try gluten free (Omission is my favorite), Yuengling Light, or Sam Light. Add your own lemon or lime to give that summer feel to your low-calorie brew.

Make this summer the healthiest of your life. You can still enjoy yourself while keeping an eye on your fitness priorities!