Power Your Fall Nutrition with Great Soup

By Dave Monahan, CSCS

As the fall temperatures drop (boo!) a great alternative to those high-calorie cool weather comfort-food meals is a nice healthy bowl of soup. Soup can be a fantastic way to get those high-quality vegetables and lean meat to power your body for ARX. Whether it is for lunch, dinner or a snack, a cup or bowl of soup will warm your soul and keep your nutrition in check.

But mot just any old soup will do. Homemade soup is the way to go because store-bought varieties are extremely high in sodium. Sure, homemade is a little more work that store-bought, but you can save time by using leftovers from the day before. For example, a roasted chicken dinner with squash and steamed broccoli can turn into a great soup by simply adding low-sodium chicken broth and diced carrots. Here are some of my favorite recipes. Try them this fall season!

  • Minestrone With Parmigiano-Reggiano
  • Lentil Soup
  • Hearty and Healthy 3-Bean Minestrone 

You can find the recipes here: 

Be creative with your meals this fall and see what soups you can create. If you come across any winners - or develop any originals yourself -- please post any recipes you recommend on our Facebook page. Don't let the cool temperatures derail your healthy diet.