Meet The Trainers

For the benefit of our new members, we are re-introducing some of our ARX trainers. In this issue: Jason Sylvester and Mike Duran.

Jason Sylvester, CSCS

If you've attended the lunchtime class - or watched any of the athlete training programs - you've no doubt met Jason Sylvester. He's a longtime Athletic Republic trainer, working with everyone from the junior athletes (middle-schoolers) to the adults. He holds the CSCS certification from the National Strength and Conditioning Association, which is considered the premier training certification in the field. He holds a bachelor's degree in Clinical Exercise Science from Ithaca College.

As an athlete, Jason excelled in various sports throughout his high school career in Connecticut, including baseball and football. After graduating he accepted an internship at Athletes' Performance, one of the foremost strength and conditioning facilities in the country. There he worked with NFL, MLB, semi-pro basketball, tactical and top Division 1 athletes under the guidance professional strength and conditioning coaches. He also gained knowledge about the rehab process as the facility was connected to the renowned Dr. Andrews institute.

After finishing his internship, Jason played an integral role at BlueStreak Sports Training, an Athletic Republic affiliate in Stamford, Conn. before joining the team in Norwood.

Mike Duran, AR Level 3

If you've ever set foot in the Athletic Republic Norwood gym, you've no doubt seen - or heard - Mike. He's the big guy with the booming voice and infectious personality; the guy constantly dancing while encouraging his athletes to enjoy themselves while working to their potential.

As an athlete Mike played four years of Division 3 college football at Bridgewater State University, where he earned several awards including 1st Team All-conference Offensive Lineman for Division 3, and 2nd Team Division 3 North All-Star for offensive line. He came to Athletic Republic as an intern in May 2014 after graduating with a degree in Exercise Science. His dedication, drive and obvious passion for training athletes distinguished him. These days he works with the ARX adults twice a week, teaching technique and pushing them to excel.