Lean in '15: Making Progress

By Michelle Lounsbury, PES

Our Lean in '15 challenge is well under way. On January 5th, approximately 20 ARX members signed up to be pushed outside their comfort zone for the next eight weeks. Each day participants have the ability to earn points. The participant who accumulates the most points by then end of the challenge period will win one free month at ARX.

So how do you earn points each day? Well, it's not as easy as it sounds for some. Take a look at the categories:

1. Drink 2l of water

2. Have a protein at every meal

3. No alcohol

4. No processed/added sugar

5. Taking an ARX class

6. Work out at least 30 min on your own

7. Prep every meal (no eating out)

8. Consume at least 3 fruits and veggies

9. Sign up/participate in a road race

Additionally, members have the opportunity to earn an additional 25 bonus points each week through weekly challenges. To give you an idea of these challenges, week one's challenge was to complete 100 wall balls, ouch! Other challenges have included a one-mile sled push, and completion of 100 chin-ups.

(Although the main focus of Lean in '15 is for members to be more aware of what they are putting in their bodies, we still must have an overall winner. The top winner of this challenge is the participant who loses the most amount of weight, percentage-wise. The biggest loser, so to speak, wins three free months at ARX.)

Lean in '15 members have been supporting each other and sharing recipes through our private Lean in '15 FB page. Members have been shocked to discover how much sugar they were eating and that it is in almost everything, from tomato sauce to bread. Overall, members have said they are feeling less bloated, have an increase in energy, and have been sleeping better. To me, these results are more important than the number on the scale.

Stay tuned for our two winners, which we will announce in March!