Member Spotlight: Meet Kerin Healy

A former gymnast and diver, Westwood resident and ARXer Kerin Healy has always been active. But post-college activities -- getting married and having children -- pushed fitness to the back burner. Not anymore. "A few years ago, with my 40th birthday looming, I decided to get back into shape," Kerin said. "I began with running, increasing my mileage gradually. Ultimately, I completed several half marathons. But I got tired of running and needed something else. I discovered ARX while bringing my youngest son to Mini Athletes in the fall of 2013. I started doing ARX while he took a class. It was so convenient! I've been a member ever since, taking classes twice a week."

When not taking a class, Kerin runs or works out at home. "But I really enjoying coming to ARX because it gives me a little time to focus on myself, rather than everyone else," she said. "Most of my days are taken up by caring for my family or my patients." With dual degrees in exercise physiology (Westfield State) and nursing (Georgetown University), Kerin has worked as an orthopedic nurse for 17 years, the last 14 at Mass General Hospital. "Being an orthopedic nurse requires a lot of heavy lifting and I'm constantly moving so maintaining a level of fitness has been a priority," she said. "I often tell my patients I get my exercise from running up and down the halls!"

Kerin works nights and weekends. The flexible schedule allows her to spend more time at home with her family, husband John, and sons Ben, 7, and Matthew, 5. "As a family we love to play sports, go to the beach and hiking together," she said. "And we like to travel and spend time with our extended family of grandparents, aunts and uncles and cousins. Being active is a way of life for us."

"Since starting ARX, I feel stronger and leaner than I have in years," Kerin said. "I have really enjoyed and learned a lot from the fitness and nutrition challenges, and have benefited from paying more attention to the foods I eat. Making simple changes to my diet has helped me lose those few extra inches/pounds and made me feel more energized and fit."

"I also love the ARX workouts and how they change every day," she said. "I look forward to the challenge the next workout will bring, and I always feel a sense of satisfaction after completing a workout. Plus, I have learned a variety of new exercises so now, when I can't attend a class, I can come up with a workout on my own."

As for new challenges on the horizon, Kerin is thinking big. "I would love to do some kind of obstacle Challenge like a Spartan or maybe a much more lofty goal like a Tough Mudder!"