Sticking to Your New Year's Resolutions

By the time you read this, the New Year will be underway. If you're like many people you probably made a few resolutions - things to address in 2016. When it comes to resolutions, getting into better shape is at or near the top of most lists. Of course, at ARX we are thrilled that people want to enhance their fitness. But it's a process, often a long one. So how do you stick to those resolutions? Here are a few tips:

1. Make your goals very specific. Not "get in better shape" but "exercise three days per week."

2. Choose attainable goals. If you want to lose 50 pounds but can only commit three hours a week to exercise and don't plan to make dietary changes it is unlikely you'll reach your goal. Instead, focus on losing five pounds. When you accomplish that, focus on losing another five pounds.

3. Build in accountability. Tell someone your goals. And consider finding a partner to go through the journey with you. You can motivate each other when one is lagging.

4. Expect to stumble. Nobody is perfect so expect to deviate from your path from time to time. Skipped the gym to go out for beer and burgers with your co-workers? Take it in stride. Enjoy that time together and then quickly get back to your plan.

5. Track you progress: How will you know you've achieved your goals, reached your destination? Quantify your journey. If your aim is to change your body composition, for instance, take a before photo or measurements on day one. On regular intervals, say once a month, record current stats and stay focused. Seeing positive results will encourage you to keep working hard; negative results will push you to modify your program before too much time has passed.

If your goals are fitness related, your ARX trainers are here to support you. Use us as resources for your exercise and nutrition questions. If we don't know the answers ourselves, we'll refer you to someone who does.

Make 2016 your best year!