Sweating for the Wedding

ARXer Nicole Fay has a significant goal in mind: wedding-dress ready by September 2016. Not to say she wouldn't look great in that satin and lace gown if her wedding was held tomorrow, but the Mount Auburn Hospital CT scan technologist is definitely aiming for unforgettable.

"I heard about ARX through Groupon and joined about six months ago to get in great shape for my upcoming wedding," Nicole said. "I love the environment at ARX. It's a positive and friendly atmosphere to work out in. Plus, the trainers are great and enthusiastic."

As an accomplished, lifelong athlete - Nicole was captain in both soccer and lacrosse during high school - she considers fitness very important. "I've been doing some form of cross training for about five years now," she said. "I look forward to working out each day and always feel great after a workout. It keeps me healthy!"

Considering the fact that Nicole has a weakness for pizza, workouts are vital to her ability to achieve her goals, both aesthetic and strength-related. Not only does she want to look great in her wedding photos, she's also focused on building greater upper-body and core strength. "I really want to be able to complete at least one unassisted pull up," she said. This Spartan finisher - she recently completed the Spartan Sprint held at Fenway, alongside a team of fellow ARXers - is well on her way.