Member Spotlight: Meet Brian Fitzsimmons

Quiet, unassuming and always smiling. That's Brian Fitzsimmons. At least at ARX. When not working out in the evening or Saturday classes, Brian is an attorney - Director of Labor Relations for Shaws Supermarkets to be more precise. Nothing quiet or unassuming about that.

But in class he likes to blend in with the crowd - happy to get in a great workout and blow off some steam. "I had some friends who had done ARX and really liked it," Brian said. "And I had the chance to watch some of the Saturday morning classes because my sons were participating in a youth class at the same time in another part of the gym. I liked what I saw."

"Since I wanted to do something to get in shape and conveniently, there was a Groupon for ARX I said why not try it?" he explained. "I started in March 2015. My son, who is in middle school, still works out at Athletic Republic and our classes usually overlap once or twice a week so it is fun to compare workouts."

"I like that the workouts are challenging and that they are never the same," Brian continued. "The trainers are great at keeping everyone engaged and encouraging members to push themselves. I also like the fact that members each are generally working at our own pace while still sharing the camaraderie of a group. It makes the workouts fun and effective."

"Before starting ARX, I was getting to the point where my lower back and knees bothered me more and more and I really needed to do something to at least try to slow the aging process. The ARX workouts address the whole body, and cover strength and conditioning in a short period of time. After a year I am in better shape than I have ever been."

With four kids to keep up with, being is great shape is vital. "I am constantly running from one field, court or school to the next. I've coached all four of my children in basketball, and also have coached my two sons in football and lacrosse. All that running around means I have little extra time for myself," Brian said. "I have always wanted to get in better shape but could never find the time. Fortunately, the ARX schedule has worked well for me and I can usually get to a class twice per week."

Brian's hard-earned fitness has certainly paid off outside the gym. "Last summer I did the zip line from the summit of Bear Peak at Attitash Mountain in Bartlett, New Hampshire with my three oldest children," he said. "The first line runs almost a mile down from the peak and the second is another half mile almost straight down to the base of the mountain. It is a 1,400-ft. drop and riders reach speeds of over 60 mph. It. Is Terrifying. But I can't wait to do it again!"