Check Yourself Lean in '17 Challenge

The AR-Fit Check Yourself Lean Challenge is underway! We began Monday, January 9th, with an excited, yet timid group of participants. This 8-week challenge is a way for our members to re-evaluate the foods they are using to fuel their body in a fun and friendly competitive environment. Each day, our members have the opportunity to earn up to ELEVEN points in the challenge. Each point is a healthy way for our members to reach their fitness goals and start learning which foods and habits either help or hurt them in the process. Whether it's increasing their protein intake, veggies or water, or getting enough sleep each night-each member has "their" own challenges to face during this time.

As part of the Check Yourself Challenge, members are added to a Private Facebook page as well. Here, Michelle shares tips and posts mindset challenges, as well as answer any questions they may have to help and support them along the way. Being a part of the Facebook page is not only a way for them to stay accountable, but also an opportunity for members to encourage each other through this process.

Michelle has run this nutrition/fitness challenge in the past and we are excited to see a ton of new faces, as well as some veterans who are looking to reset after the long holidays. The winner of one of our last 8-week challenges lost 21 pounds and has been able to keep the weight off for over two years. Runner up, Sue Bator had this to say about the challenge, "I've always been really competitive as a kid and playing basketball all through college was no different. I'm always looking for ways to push myself so signing up for a challenge that has an actual winner was an easy decision for me. Little did I know how much I would learn along the way about nutrition. I had always thought I was fueling my body with the right foods and getting in enough Protein but I wasn't even close. Having the Facebook Page to ask questions, get ideas on snacks and recipes was a great way to keep me motivated along the way. The challenge became less like a challenge and more like a lifestyle at the end."

If you are looking of more information about our challenge OR you would like to take advantage of a FREE one week trial at AR-Fit please call or stop by today!