Sure, we can tell you how great AR-FIT is. But we’re a little biased. So we’ll let our clients tell you. (And no – they weren’t bribed or threatened with extra difficult training sessions in exchange for positive feedback!)

"The AR-Ft program at Athletic Republic has restored the feeling of working out like an elite athlete again. I feel strong. I feel fit. I feel challenged. And I feel a part of a community."

Tara Mounsey
1998 Olympic Gold Medalist

“Athletic Republic’s adult training is amazing. Love it, love it, love it! The workouts are very effective and have helped me not only lose body fat but, increase my energy level and athletic performance dramatically. Now I’m much stronger, leaner and literally in the best shape of my life!

Workouts are fun and never the same. You really sweat as you run, jump, crawl, squat, lift, flip, twist, pull and push. It’s definitely addicting! I box twice a week and AR-FIT has brought me to the level I need to handle grueling boxing workouts – five three-minute rounds – without feeling fatigued.

The trainers, aside from being friendly and caring, are true professionals who all share their knowledge of fitness, each bringing uniqueness to class. They are attentive – especially watching your form as safety is the key – and always by your side when you need the extra push, offering encouragement and scaling an exercise up or down as needed. And I love the AR-FIT Facebook page that’s filled with inspirational quotes and healthy recipes.”

Thank you AR-FIT for making me healthier and strong!!

Robin Lyons
busy mom and boxer

Walpole, MA

“AR-FIT beats my old run/lift gym routine hands down. I love getting cardio and strength training in just an hour. The trainers are great, the workouts always vary, and there is a camaraderie among the members that makes the classes fun.”

Kim Lipman, Age 29
busy professional and athlete

“As an active adult hockey player and sportsman I have belonged to gyms and fitness clubs all of my life, but I have never been as satisfied with a program as I am with the AR-Fit classes at Athletic Republic. Each and every instructor is knowledgeable, timely, organized and attentive to every member of the class, providing a personal training-like experience. The daily workout routines are well planned, challenging and thorough. Class times are convenient throughout the week making it easy for me to attend at some point on any day. Thanks to Athletic Republic I feel better and stronger than I have in many years.”

John J. Walsh, Age 53
Walpole, MA